Workshop and Symposia

Divisional Symposia

Virus Division Symposium

Title: Interactions between arboviruses and their vectors

Organiser: Karyn Johnson and Rollie Clem

  1. Rollie Clem (Apoptosis and midgut escape) USA
  2. Jody Peters (Insect specific flavivirus and arbovirus interactions) Australia
  3. Gorben Pjlman (Viral determinants of arbovirus replication) Netherlands
  4. Elizabeth McGraw (The impact of the microbiome on arbovirus infection) USA

Nematode Division Symposium

Title: Use of Parasitic Nematodes to Control Pine-Killing Woodwasps

Organisers: Ann Hajek

Speakers: TBA.

Nematode Division: Special Evening Workshop

"RNAseq analysis for beginners"

Organizers: Silvia Libro and Barton Slatko

Cross Divisional Symposium (Virus and Diseases of Beneficial Insects)

Title: "Nimravidae: an extending family'

Organisers: Kelly Bateman, Just Vlak

Speakers t.b.c. Symposium presentations will focus on White Spot Syndrome Virus and impacts on Crustacea with talks on WSSV and the recent outbreaks in Australia as well as considering new and emerging Nimaviruses.

  1. Overview of WSSV and its emergence
  2. Overview of recent outbreaks in Australia
  3. Other Nimaviruses highlighting the RVCM-like virus - Kelly Bateman
  4. Potential future therapies

Diseases of Beneficial Insects Division Symposium

Title: Health issues of bee and non-bee pollinators

Organisers: Helen Hesketh & Elke Genersch

Speakers t.b.c. Symposium presentations will focus on research concerning pathogens and impacts on pollinator health, including talks on managed and non-managed bees, as well as important non-bee pollinators.

Microbial Control Division Symposium

Title: Biopesticides IV. The Saga Continues: 'Ecological consequences of microbial biocontrol'

Organisers: Roma Gwynn, Travis Glare, Mike Brownbridge

Speakers TBA. Will cover risk assessments and management issue when using microbial control.

Fungal Division Sympsoium

Title: Fungus-insect interactions in post genomic era: Advances and perspectives

Organisers: Chengshu Wang.

Tentative speakers:

  • Dr. Weiguo Fang, Lifestyle switch control in Metarhizium robertsii
  • Dr. Nemat Keyhani, Transcriptional control of secondary metabolisms and host interactions in Beauveria bassiana
  • Dr. Bruno G. G. Donzelli, Chemical biology of fungus-insect interactions
  • Dr. Sibao Wang, Interaction with the gut microbiota to accelerate the mortality of mosquitos infected by Beauveria bassiana
  • Dr. Chengshu Wang, Genomic perspectives of fungus-insect interactions


Protein specificity and its impact on safety and resistance

Date:  Sunday 12 August
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Details: TBA