Abstract Submission


Preparing and submitting abstracts

There are some very precise abstract format needs for this year’s program book. While they may seem to be complex, we provide a pre-formatted MS-Word template file for you to fill in with your information and text.

Please follow these detailed instructions given below and/or use the template file and PDF version of these instructions that both include a fully realized abstract in the needed format:

  • Submit both word processing (MS-Word, etc.) and PDF formats. The word processing file is used for the program book. The PDF version is to assure that all of italics, accents, super- and subscripts, and any other special characters appear as you intend them to be.
  • BEFORE starting your abstract, provide this information on separate lines:
    • For which SIP Division (Bacteria, Beneficial Invertebrates, Fungi, Microbial Control, Microsporidia, Nematodes, Viruses) or cross-divisional symposium (name of symposium or its organizer!) is your abstract intended?
    • Is this an ORAL, POSTER or INVITED SYMPOSIUM presentation? If a symposium, please include a brief version of its title.
    • Is this presentation to be judged for the STUDENT prizes? (If not, do not indicate anything here.)
  • Use only the CALIBRI font (available on all Windows and Macintosh computers) for all text; if you use any special characters, verify that they appear correctly in the PDF version of your abstract!
  • Line lengths are requested to be ≤ 70 mm (2.75 inches) in the title, authors, and affiliations sections, but use only soft (optional) carriage returns to adjust line lengths; DO NOT adjust the margins for these paragraphs.
  • There are guidelines for the point sizes of type, and spaces between sections provided below. Use the Format: Paragraph… menu of your word processor to set exact line spacing and to designate numbers of points of spacing after these paragraphs.


LEFT justified
boldface Roman/italics

8 point type
line spacing exactly 11 points
Soft (optional) carriage returns between line.
Line length ≤ 70 mm (2.75 inches)
3 points of space after last line


RIGHT justified
7 point type
line spacing exactly 10 points
Presenting author’s name in boldface
Superscript number at end of name for affiliation (unless all are at the same institution)
Line length ≤ 70 mm (2.75 inches)
3 points of space after last line


RIGHT justified
6 point type
line spacing exactly 9 points
Corresponding author email in italics on a separate line
line length ≤ 70 mm (2.75 inches).
3 points of space after the last line


LEFT justified
8 point type
exactly 10 point line spacing maximum
line length 86 mm (3 3/8 inches)
16 points of space after this paragraph


  • The MAXIMUM size for posters will be 1.2 x 1.2 meters (48 x 48 inches).
  • You may find it easier to prepare, to print, and to hang your poster if you do not try to use all of the available space.